Something Eggstra’s coming to A Little to the Left

Something Eggstra’s coming to A Little to the Left

Sweetening the neatening: four new egg-shaped puzzles to beat this Easter

K'jipuktuk/Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA – 15 December 2022. Spring cleaning season is officially underway, and indie developer Max Inferno is getting in on the act by launching its second free Special Event for A Little to the Left on PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch™ between 7 April-10 April.

If you’ve yet to crack open your cupboards and drawers for an overdue clean, first get into the mood with A Little to the Left’s ‘the Something Eggstra’ Special Event, introducing four new, free (range) egg-themed messes for players to unscramble. Found inside the game’s The Daily Tidy Delivery mode, these new puzzles will begin hatching from 00.00 in your local timezone on Friday 7 April. A new puzzle is accessible on each day of the Special Event, playable up until 23.59 in your local timezone on Monday 10 April.

Eggspect a challenge from this Special Event (the puzzle selection most certainly can’t be categorised as over easy), but don’t fret if you find yourself running out of time: Max Inferno is pleased to reveal a puzzle archive mode is in incubation. Due for rollout later this year, it’ll enable all players to access limited-time event puzzles they may have missed from The Daily Tidy Delivery.

The Something Eggstra Special Event patch also contains additional bug fixes and will arrive as a free update for all A Little to the Left players on PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch later this week.

About A Little to the Left

Sort, stack, and organise things into just the right spot in A Little to the Left, a tidy puzzle game with a mischievous cat who likes to make a mess!

• Solve puzzles by arranging objects into curious patterns

• Multiple solutions make for intuitive and satisfying puzzle design

• A remixed puzzle solution unique for you every day outside of Holiday Events with The Daily Tidy Delivery

• Perfect for casual puzzle game fans and those who get a jolt of satisfaction from a well organised space

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A Little to the Left is out now on PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch™.