A Little to the Left: Cupboards and Drawers DLC opens up on 27 June

A Little to the Left: Cupboards and Drawers DLC opens up on 27 June

25 new puzzles to sift and sort through

K'jipuktuk/Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA – 10 June 2023:  Developer Max Inferno and publisher Secret Mode have been digging through an old closet and uncovered a 27 June release date for the upcoming A Little to the Left: Cupboards & Drawers DLC on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch.

As showcased during today's Wholesome Direct, A Little to the Left: Cupboards & Drawers adds 25 new drawer- and cupboard-themed puzzles to the game. From junk drawers to jewellery boxes and everything in between, players will enjoy new mechanics such as switching between drawers and opening hidden compartments. And who knows, perhaps a feline friend will make an appearance as well…

About A Little to the Left: Cupboards & Drawers

Sort, stack, and organize household objects into particular arrangements. Prepare to clean out the cabinets and secret compartments of the home with even more charming illustrations, surprising scenarios, and 25 delightful new Cupboards & Drawers themed puzzles to discover.

  • 25 new puzzles: a mixture of Cupboards & Drawers themed levels and traditional organization levels
  • Puzzles nested within puzzles
  • New functionality: multiple steps to organizing within a single level
  • Secret compartments
  • Multiple drawers that are opened/closed within a level, requiring players to move objects between them

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Download assets from our press kithttps://www.dropbox.com/sh/myhze39ut1hllzv/AABb6IQdBX0UZiHlBK2g5wn9a?dl=0

A Little to the Left is out now on PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch™ with an SRP of £12.99 | $14.99 | €14.99.

A Little to the Left: Cupboards & Drawers will release for PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch on 27 June with an SRP of £4.99 | $5.99 | €5.99.