Parcel Corps demo slides onto Xbox Series X|S today

5th December 2023 Games PC

Parcel Corps demo slides onto Xbox Series X|S today

Practice your combo chains and customer service voice ahead of the full release in 2024

Belfast, Northern Ireland – 05 December 2023: The main course is still in the oven, but developer Billy Goat Entertainment and publisher Secret Mode have prepared an amuse-bouche of the upcoming delivery-'em-up Parcel Corps. A playable demo is being served up right now on Xbox Series X|S, live until 31 December.

While waiting for the rest of their order to arrive, players can dig into a slice of New Island, where they can experience all the fun of being a zero-hours contract bicycle courier. Bunny hop, grind, and power slide through busy malls and relentless traffic as you carve your path through one of New Island's sandbox levels. Follow your GPS for the most straightforward routes or scour high and low for shortcuts. Meet some of the ridiculous cast and add them to your client list before sampling a Delivery Rush, where the orders come in fast, and you need to react even faster.

Parcel Corps is a high-octane thrill-ride full of wacky characters, wickedly sharp satire, and woeful working conditions. The game is set to launch on PC, PlayStation®5 (PS5™), and Xbox Series X|S in 2024.

About Parcel Corps

Skid onto the sun kissed streets of New Island, where three bicycle courier corporations are vying to become the biggest, most profitable business in town! Pick a side then lock handlebars forming two-wheeled rivalries in pursuit of market share, influence, and a modest income.

But this honest struggle to make ends meet is swiftly threatened by the arrival of Rich Villainé, CEO of crude oil exploration company Polar Petroleum PLC. Villainé’s political ambitions place him on a collision course with New Island’s bicycle messengers.

As the details of his maniacal plan become clear, it will be up to you, humble player, to *checks notes* save the world! All while delivering delicious food, valuable parcels, and sensitive documents in 32 minutes or less…

Download assets from our press kit:

Parcel Corps will launch in 2024 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

A demo is available on Xbox Series X|S from now until 31 December.