Make way for Make Way as it makes way to Play(Station)

Make way for Make Way as it makes way to Play(Station)

Major 1.2 patch brings online improvements and more

Dundee, Scotland – 26 June 2024: The course keeps growing! Make Way, the chaotic 1-4 player party racer from developer Ice Beam and publisher Secret Mode, has arrived today on PlayStation®4 (PS4™) and PlayStation®5 (PS5™).

Existing Make Way players will also see the game overhauled with a major 1.2 patch. Bots are now available in online matches, alongside improvements to connectivity and lag which make for a much smoother racing experience when joining other players' games. Several smaller tweaks, including beefed-up weaponry, the ability to skip troublesome sections, and various bug fixes, have also been introduced. The full patch list is available here.

Make Way has already made a splash on PC, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, with a Metacritic score of 83 for PC platforms and TechRadar Gaming calling it "the perfect party racer".

The new PlayStation versions are fully cross-play compatible with all other editions, allowing any player on any platform to race together on their collaboratively crafted courses. Make Way is also Verified on Steam Deck for an exceptional handheld racing experience.

About Make Way

  • Mix and match unique track pieces and hazards for near-endless course configurations
  • Fight for weapons and power-ups to gain the advantage
  • Unlock new track pieces and vehicles for wackier races
  • Up to four players, either locally or online with cross-platform multiplayer
  • Adjust the chaos levels with customisable rules, giving you control over safety barriers, hazard placement, and more

Download assets from our press kit:

Make Way is available now on PS4, PS5, Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.