Coming in for landing: Secret Mode assumes ownership of original Mars Horizon

1st May 2024 Games PC

Coming in for landing: Secret Mode assumes ownership of original Mars Horizon

Plus: New information on Mars Horizon 2 incoming...

Mission Control Centre: Bristol, UK – 1 May 2024: After a long and prosperous voyage originally pioneered by Auroch Digital and The Irregular Corporation, Secret Mode is excited to announce that the original Mars Horizon is returning home to roost, with the publishing rights for the hit space management game transferring over to Secret Mode on all platforms. The change is already reflected on the game’s Steam page, and will follow on all other platforms in due course.

Meanwhile, attention also turns to Auroch Digital and Secret Mode’s next venture – Mars Horizon 2: The Search for Life. Work on the much-anticipated sequel is progressing along at faster-than-light speeds, with new info expected to drop soon™. In fact, eagle-eyed astronomer types may have noticed that there’s been a few new tidbits to pore over on the game’s official Steam page. Check out the latest developer update for more and stay tuned for further updates in the very near future.

Mars Horizon is available on PC (Steam, GOG, EGS), PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

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About Mars Horizon 2: The Search for Life

Mars Horizon 2: The Search for Life is an authentic space management game where you take on the role of leader of a space agency which has a focus on astrobiology. Your Mission: to Search for Life. Search for evidence across the solar system to prove there’s life on other planets. Explore different planets and moons, build your bases, launch rockets, design payloads, and plan missions. Lead the Search for Life across the solar system.

Following on from Mars Horizon where you were able to re-write history, now you’re going to be making history. Mars Horizon 2 is a game about exploration, learning, and discovery. Will you be the first to find evidence of life in our solar System?

📝 You’re in charge of mission control, plan all the aspects of your missions to find anomalies, use flybys and satellites to look for them, land on planets to collect them

🔎 Follow the clues, collect anomalies and discover biosignatures that get you closer to discovery of life - signs of life can include fossils, microbes, unusual atmospheres, and more

👩‍🔬 Listen to your trusted experts and advisors to advance your exploration

🏭 Build your base on Earth, Mars and beyond, with important buildings like Extra Terrestrial Laboratories, Extra Terrestrial launch pads, and more

🚀 Design rockets and specialised payloads to ensure you have the right vehicles for your missions

📅 Every launch you do is an exciting opportunity to propel your agency and exploration further into our solar system in you mission and search

📚 Adapt your mission as you explore different celestial bodies, make decisions on the best way to track down life

📈 In your missions you’ll need to face hazardous landscapes to ensure your success - can you survive the perils of space exploration?

🔬 Process anomalies, gather samples, explore the surface, expand your bases

From the comfort of Mission Control, you’ll guide your agency through the solar system to look for signs of life. Gather evidence of fossils, microbes, unusual atmospheres, minerals, stromatolites, molecular structures, energy disequilibrium, and more. Each time you play, each time you play, life will be hiding somewhere else, keeping you on your toes for each playthrough!

In Mars Horizon 2: The Search for Life you’ll be writing history that hasn’t happened yet. Lead the future of space travel with your team of experts. You’ll make key decisions as the head of Mission Control. Space exploration is full of unexpected challenges. Each playthrough will give you different scenarios that could throw off your course of history in the making!

Mars Horizon 2: The Search for Life is coming to PC. For more information, please visit the official Steam page. To be the first to hear about Mars Horizon 2: The Search for Life news, as well as alphas and betas, sign up to the Mars Horizon 2: The Search for Life mailing list. To stay up to date with Auroch Digital’s other games, sign up for the Auroch Digital Newsletter.