A Little to the Left cleans up with 999,999 sales

A Little to the Left cleans up with 999,999 sales

(And almost certainly another one before you finish reading the second paragraph)

K'jipuktuk/Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA – 17 November 2023: Secret Mode would like to congratulate indie developer Max Inferno on selling 999,999 copies of the wholesome tidying-up puzzle game A Little to the Left. The milestone comes just as A Little to the Left celebrates its one-year anniversary, having launched on PC and Nintendo Switch™ in November 2022.

Since A Little to the Left’s release, Max Inferno has continued to add new levels to the game. To date, 18 extra levels have been released for seasonal events such as Christmas, Easter, and Halloween, all delivered as free updates with permanent access to these puzzles granted via the Archive mode. Additionally, a premium DLC titled A Little to the Left: Cupboards and Drawers released in June 2023, delivering over 25 extra levels and featured multi-layered puzzles and other surprises.

“We’re overwhelmed by the love and support we’ve received from fans over the past year,” says Max Inferno co-founder Annie Macmillan (She/Her/Hers). “From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank every person who’s played A Little to the Left and helped spread the news about our little game. We truly never expected to hit this milestone and will forever be grateful to our community who made this happen.”

“One MILLION?! Wow. I’m… speechless,” said Secret Mode’s Vice President of Publishing Strategy, James Schall (He/Him/His). “…” he continued, still rendered speechless and just awkwardly staring at us, voice recorder whirring and picking up nothing.

A Little to the Left is currently available for 35% off on Steam as part of the Cozy Quest Steam festival. It’s featured alongside other wholesome highlights such as newly launched ocean cleanup and creature-raising adventure, Loddlenaut.

A Little to the Left and the Cupboards & Drawers DLC are out now on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch™. A Little to the Left’s most recent update introduced five free new Halloween-themed levels in October, which are accessible in the Archive mode alongside all previous seasonal puzzle packs.

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