Run for your life in DEATHSPRINT 66, coming 2024

21st March 2024 Games PC DEATHSPRINT 66

Run for your life in DEATHSPRINT 66, coming 2024

The Deadliest Show on Earth revealed in new PC announcement trailer

New Cali, USA (brought to you by the Bachman Media Network) – 21 March 2066: We at the Bachman Media Network are pleased to announce that our exciting evolution of streaming gameshows, DEATHSPRINT 66, will be coming to your screens later this year! This broadcast wouldn't have been possible without the exceptional course builders at Sumo Newcastle and returning show sponsors Secret Mode, allowing us to craft The Deadliest Show on Earth.

We heard your pleas, and we're giving you what you want. Thanks to advancements in cloning and STEM-Link technology, our jockey-piloted runners will be eviscerated like never before in a near-endless supply of cloned bodies. Tune in to see streams of blood splatter the course, as eight racers dash through our trap-filled tracks, facing off against deadly buzzsaws, perilous leaps, and the biggest threat of all – each other. Heads will roll, just like you always wanted them to!

To be successful, runners will need to generate Hype by pulling off daring manoeuvres, earning them deadly weapons and serious speed boosts to get an edge on their competition. Those who survive will be rewarded with generous sponsorships from some of the biggest international conglomerates to adorn their clone's bodysuits. But death isn't the end – we'll throw as many clones onto the track as it takes to reach the finish line.

DEATHSPRINT 66 will be hitting your screens later this year. Tune in for the biggest race of your life!


Take part in the latest bloodsport, DEATHSPRINT 66, from developer Sumo Newcastle and publisher Secret Mode. Eight players battle in on-foot races through hazard-filled courses, shoving their opponents into deadly traps and chaining together parkour moves to generate Hype and win over the crowd.

  • Eight player on-foot racing mayhem in The Deadliest Show on Earth
  • Dodge buzzsaws, lasers, and Death Pits to stay on course
  • Earn Hype to boost past other runners, or gain weapons and tools to get the upper hand
  • Survive races and earn sponsorships to customise your clone's bodysuits

DEATHSPRINT 66 will launch on PC via Steam later in 2024.

Download assets from our press kit: