Critter Café opens for service in 2024

Critter Café opens for service in 2024

Corral cute creatures and perfect your pours later this year on PC and Nintendo Switch

Newcastle, UK – 8 June 2024: Developer Sumo Newcastle and publisher Secret Mode are opening the doors of their upcoming creature raising, café management game, Critter Café, later in 2024 on PC and Nintendo Switch™. 

Announced as part of today's Wholesome Direct, Critter Café sees players managing their very own cosy cafe alongside fantastical creatures. Fully customise your café and your character, before opening the doors for customers to sit down, have a coffee, and spend time with their favourite Critters.

These Critters are stuck within mysterious portals and need a helping hand! Enter magical rifts and solve puzzles to rescue new friends, then bring them home to your café to build bonds and grow together.

Critter Café was brewed into existence as part of an internal game jam at developer Sumo Newcastle. The initial pitch came from gameplay programmer Eleanor Gregory, who is featured in the Wholesome Direct trailer.

Critter Café will launch later in 2024 on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. 

About Critter Café

Welcome to your new café – shared with some fantastical friends! When a mysterious portal in your new home reveals a long-lost Critter stuck within, set out to rescue every unique Critter and build a welcoming café for townsfolk and Critters alike.

Discover Mysterious Portals

Seek out rifts in the world to open a portal to another and guide the Critters lost within, extending a hand to welcome them into your café family. Growing your bonds reveals more portals- friends seem to naturally gather around you!

Make your way through the strange new locations beyond the rift with magical tools entrusted to you by your Critter friends.

Make It Your Own

As you grow your café, your new island home and its residents will provide inspirations for refurbishing your café and its magical sanctuary.

There’s plenty for your own wardrobe too! Swap your character’s appearance and style as you like in your day to day.

Here For Each Other

Run a wholesome café alongside your fantastical friends – your Critters would love to meet your café visitors! Arrange the perfect space for a booked event with Critters they’d adore, or open the café for general business and master your customer’s requests for the best visit possible.

Download assets from our press kit:

Critter Café will launch on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch later in 2024.