Cozy games publisher Secret Mode announces the Cozy Quest Steam festival, running November 16th-20th

2nd November 2023 Games PC Wholesome

Cozy games publisher Secret Mode announces the Cozy Quest Steam festival, running November 16th-20th

Wholesome highlights abound as independent publishers and developers join forces for the coziest event of the year

Leamington Spa, UK – 2 November 2023: Look what the cats dragged in! Publisher Secret Mode is delighted to announce Cozy Quest: a new Steam festival featuring a curated group of cozy games, sales, developer interviews, and livestreams.

Cozy Quest invites players to snuggle up with a warm drink and a blanket between November 16th-20th to celebrate the comfiest and cuddliest gaming experiences Steam has to offer. Players will also discover all-new favourites from a hand-picked group of upcoming cozy champions.

The festival features sales on a variety of cozy game highlights, including an exclusive launch discount for ocean cleanup and creature raising adventure Loddlenaut (Secret Mode, Moon Lagoon), set to launch on November 16th. Other Secret Mode cozy hits such as A Little to the LeftWobbledogs, and Snake Pass, plus Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator from Auroch Digital and Fireshine Games, will all be available at discounted prices.

A small selection of available titles participating in Cozy Quest:

Fae Farm (Phoenix Labs), Coral Island (Humble Games, Stairway Games), Unpacking (Humble Games, Witch Beam), Dorfromantik (Toukana Interactive), Moonstone Island (Raw Fury, Studio Supersoft), Sticky Business (Assemble Entertainment, Spellgarden Games), PowerWash Simulator (Square Enix, FuturLab), Hokko Life (Team17, Wonderscope), Lil Gator Game (Playtonic Friends, MegaWobble), Smushi Come Home (Mooneye Studios, SomeHumbleOnion), Station to Station (Prismatika, Galaxy Grove), Ooblets (Glumberland), Potion Permit (PQube, MassHive Media), Bear and Breakfast (Armor Games Studios, Gummy Cat), Pupperazzi (Kitfox Games, Sundae Month), Paleo Pines (Modus Games, Italic Pig), and Kynseed (PixelCount Studios)

A small selection of upcoming titles participating in Cozy Quest:

Gourdlets (Future Friends Games, AuntyGames), Wood & Weather (Paper House), Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley (Raw Fury, Hyper Games), Tiny Bookshop (Neoludic Games), Grimoire Groves (Stardust), Tiny Glade (Pounce Light), Bubblegum Galaxy (Smarto Club), and Kitbash Model Club (Curve Games, Floating Origin Interactive)

Download Cozy Quest assets here:

Cozy Quest takes place on Steam between November 16th (18:00 GMT) – November 20th (18:00 GMT).