Befriend alien axolotls in the new Loddlenaut demo

Befriend alien axolotls in the new Loddlenaut demo

Seas and greetings from the cozy ocean-cleaning adventure, coming September 2023

Austin, Texas, USA – 8 December 2022. The ocean planet of GUP-14 is filled with pollution, and you’ve been recruited to clean-up duty. During today’s Wholesome Snack: The Game Awards Edition, viewable in full at, indie developer Moon Lagoon launched a new trailer and the first demo for Loddlenaut, its cozy creature-raising survival game.

The Loddlenaut demo lets players don their scuba set and grab an early glimpse of the game’s friendly loddle creatures. Players wield a bubble gun to rid the ocean of goop and other marine debris using satisfying zapping and recycling features. The demo also lets players upgrade their equipment and construct new tools such as purifier bombs to better return polluted areas to colorful, enriched biomes.

The Wholesome Snack: The Game Awards Edition trailer offers exclusive glimpses of the transformative ocean-cleaning tech available deeper in the game, including trash vacuum drones and ride-on goop scrubbers. As revealed during the show, Loddlenaut is coming to PC and Mac in September 2023.

Download the demo from the Loddlenaut Steam page:

About Loddlenaut

Loddlenaut is a creature-raising survival game that takes place on an ocean planet. Play as an interstellar custodian who is sent to clean up an abandoned planet polluted by a mega-corporation as you get it ready for the next company to move in.  


🚀 Explore an open-world alien planet

🐠 Raise aquatic critters called “loddles” that grow based on what they eat

🔫 Clean up icky goop and floating debris with your bubble gun

🌟 Upgrade your gun and jetpack to unlock new interactions and areas in the world

🏠 Build a cozy home base for you and your loddles  

Your Mission

Your mission: to clean up GUP-14, a small ocean planet that was once the home of GUPPI, a mega-corporation that makes and sells everything from soda to rockets. When you first arrive on the planet, you’ll find yourself amid murky waters, oil spills, and scattered junk.  

Within the polluted environments, you’ll find remnants of GUPPI’s buildings, ships, and machinery all sunken to the ocean floor. As you clean up their mess, explore these areas to discover clues about the company’s questionable past.  

Raising Loddles

As you clean up the planet, you’ll run into axolotl-like aliens known as “loddles.” Protect them from the polluted waters and feed them aquatic fruits while you make their planet habitable again. Depending on their diet, loddles will grow in different ways and develop unique traits and abilities that will further enable them to survive on this polluted planet.  

When the loddles are strong enough and the waters are cleaner, release them back into the wild and watch them thrive! You may even come across eggs that you can incubate to raise more loddles.  

Loddlenaut is coming to PC and Mac in September 2023.